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How to fully wake up in one second... better than coffee!

  • By Maxie Godoy
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How to fully wake up in one second... better than coffee!

I'm (SO!) not a morning person, specially before I have that first (oh so magical) sip of coffee. Before that coffee I cannot talk, I can't smile, I can barely lift my head, and worst of all, I cannot deal with "Miss 3" endless questions and "Miss 5 months" endless frustration.

But this morning, oh this morning was different. This morning I didn't need that coffee (but I had it anyway, of course!). This morning I woke up and my eyes were fully open! my head was up high and all my senses were working as soon as I got up from bed! I know, you must be thinking "that's wonderful!" , "tell us the secret!" ... 

No ladies and gentleman! That was not wonderful! That was me waking up to a toddler (who has climbed out of her cot) next to my bed singing a very loud "Happy Birthday" song (no, it's not my birthday) that put me right on my feet on a survival mode, just like if I was thrown in the middle of the jungle! aaaaaaah good morning!

Miss 3 was holding a Birthday card that she made this morning (god knows how long she was wandering around before trying to kill me). I had to just hug her tightly (more because of me as I was still shaking) and thank her for my Birthday song.

Since Miss 3 is now climbing out of the cot, I took the side off and made a nice toddler bed for her, as I prefer her getting out of bed than climbing out and falling. Now, I guess I should better get used to the "heart attack" wakings and hope she stays in bed at night... is that a lot to ask?

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