How do I use my Capsule Cover | 5in1 Multi Cover?

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5in1 Multi Covers


The #1 Baby Shower Gift
Highly recommended by mums
The most versatile product you'll have

Our 5in1 Multi Covers are beautifully made of soft cotton and some spandex to make it nice stretchy and able to fit most Baby Carseats. Take advantage of its versatility with its multiple uses.

Hear it from our customers

Juliet D.

Capsule cover"I absolutely love my new capsule cover, so easy to use and protects my little girl from the elements when out and about."  


Jeena N.

Great baby shower gift

"I received a capsule cover at our baby shower and use it every day. I now buy them for all my friends as we have found it soo useful!"  


Saira P.

Love the print!

"Great design, great price and just love the print. Hear me roar was so lovely and easy to deal with, love supporting nz!"

Alyse H.

Every mum needs one or 2

"These things are hands down the best thing to have when you have a baby - have used this as a pram and capsule cover, over the neck and over bubs in a front carrier, as wrap when I needed one and was out....the ideas are endless!!!"


Learn all about our 5in1 Multi Covers

Shopping Trolley Cover
Germs free shopping means you can shop with your baby without worrying about him touching or chewing on the shopping trolley ( yep... they will do that if they are teething, trust me!)
Playmat on the Go
Perfect for when you are going to your coffee group and don't want to carry an extra blanket... just pop your 5in1 Multi Cover on the floor and voila! You now have a stunning playmat
Babywearing Blanket
Great to cover your baby when you have your little one on the Baby Carrier. Put it over your head and stretch it down over baby
Nursing Cover
Feel instantly confident to breastfeed in public. Your 5in1 Multi Cover will stay in place and give you that extra reassurance you need especially on those first times nursing out & about.
Capsule Cover
Protect your baby from the wind and cold. Mums love to use it especially on school/kindy drop-offs. Particularly useful when you are going for a coffee and strangers want to get just a bit too close to your newborn.

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