5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cotton For Your Baby

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We never worry about our item’s fabrics more than when we become mothers. Everything that gets in touch with our baby is so important because of their precious sensitive skin.

There’s a reason why they are always advising us to use natural fabrics with our little ones, and here are some of the benefits of choosing cotton.

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1. Ideal for all seasons:

Cotton is an all-weather fabric. It will keep your baby cool on a hot summer day and provide him insulation on a cold winter day. The cotton fibers hold the fabric away from your baby’s skin, further allowing for more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric which helps with insulation and comfort for your baby.


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2. Hypoallergenic: 

Most dermatologists recommend wearing cotton, especially on babies as it rarely causes irritations or any allergic reactions. This is also why it is used in medical products like bandages and gauze.


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3. Less toxic:

Being a natural fiber, cotton has hardly any chemical compared to synthetic fibers which mean it is best for your baby.


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4. Comfortable:

Cotton clothing is soft and easily stretches, making it a comfortable fabric for babies to wear.


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5. Easy to care for: 

Unlike other natural fabrics, cotton it’s easy to care for. You can usually just throw it in with all of your baby’s clothing (alike colors) in the washing machine without a problem.


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