6 Different Ways To Use A 5in1 Multi Cover

6 Different Ways To Use A 5in1 Multi Cover

The #1 Baby Shower Gift
Highly recommended by mums
The most versatile product you'll have... but, how to use it?

Our 5in1 Multi Covers are beautifully made of soft cotton and some spandex to make it nice stretchy and able to fit most Baby Carseats. Take advantage of its versatility with its multiple uses.

Here are 6 different ways to use your 5in1 Multi Cover:

1. Shopping Trolley Cover

Germs free shopping means you can shop with your toddler without worrying about him touching or chewing on the shopping trolley (yep... they will do that if they are teething, trust me!)

toddlers on shopping trolley using a 5in1 multi cover

(Victoria 5in1 Multi Cover)

2. Playmat on the Go

Perfect for when you are going to your coffee group and don't want to carry an extra blanket... just pop your 5in1 Multi Cover on the floor and voila! You now have a stunning playmat

(Forest 5in1 Multi Cover)

3. Scarf

A beautiful scarf that you can just leave on after nursing your baby. As a new mum, you'll realize we bring every little thing that the baby might need but we often forget about us. If it gets chilly, just get your Multi Cover and voila!

mum wearing a scarf and carrying a baby carseat with a 5in1 multi cover(Plain Black 5in1 Multi Cover)

4. Nursing Cover

Your Multi Cover will give you instant confidence to breastfeed in public if you are not yet comfortable with that. These are also great to help curious babies concentrate on feeding.

mum nursing baby wearing a multi cover(Grey Stripes 5in1 Multi Cover)

5. Capsule Cover

Protect your baby from the wind and cold. They are perfect to do school/kindy drop-offs. Particularly useful when you are going for a coffee and strangers want to get just a bit too close to your newborn. Say goodbye to the blanket over the top that ALWAYS blows away!

(Victoria 5in1 Multi Cover)

6. Trolley Baby Seat Cover

Let's not even start thinking about how many babies sit on the baby seat on one day, right? Just pop your Multi Cover over the top of the baby seat of your shopping trolley and your baby is good to go!

baby sitting on shopping trolley baby seat using a 5in1 multi cover(Crosses 5in1 Multi Cover)

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