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My Hospital Bag: What to pack?

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What an exciting thing it is to pack your Hospital Bag, right? But like most mums-to-be, you might not be quite sure of when and what to pack in it.

When should I pack my Hospital Bag?

You can start packing your bag at any time in your pregnancy but you should aim to have it ready between 33 and 37 weeks of pregnancy just in case your baby decides to come early (my first came at 33 weeks and I was so glad I packed my bag at 30 weeks of pregnancy!)

What should I pack in my Hospital Bag?

Here’s a handy list for you to follow to be baby ready by the time you need to head to the hospital:

For Mum:

  • Toiletries (usual overnight toiletries)

  • Har ties

  • Face Cloths (they are gonna come in handy especially if you are having a long labor, get them wet and pop on your forehead)

  • 2x Pyjamas (make sure they are buttoned up ones for easy breastfeeding)

  • Warm socks or slippers

  • Spare Underwear (make these are nice and big to use with your maternity pads after you give birth | the hospital might provide disposable ones)

  • Birth Plan (this is very important!)

  • Snacks (for you and your partner | healthy snacks like nut bars or something that would keep your energy up)

  • Drink bottle

  • Lip Balm (they don’t often tell you this, but your lips will get very dry when you are at the hospital)

  • Nipple Cream (you’ll need it on those first days of breastfeeding/expressing)

  • Laundry Bag or any bag to put your dirty washing in

  • Maternity Pads (again this might be provided by the Hospital Bag but it’s nice to have your own at hand just in case)

  • Feeding Bra

  • Breast Pads

  • Small notebook & pen (this will come in handy to record breastfeeding times on those first days)

  • Earplugs (a great idea especially if you are gonna be sharing a room)

  • Jandals

  • Camera/Phone and the chargers!

  • Book/Magazines (you might be at the hospital for a long while before baby arrives)

  • Bathrobe

  • Bikini (if you are planning a water birth)


For Baby:

  • Clothes (4 to 5 full changes of clothes, including beanies, mittens, etc)

  • Swaddle or Muslin Wrap

  • Nappies (some of these might be provided by the hospital too)

  • Car Seat & 5in1 Multi Cover (protect your newborn from the elements on the way to the car and from car to home)

  • Newborn dummy (if you are planning to use one)

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