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5 in 1 Multi Cover aka Capsule Cover

Getting out & about on a regular basis is a must, especially when you are a new mum... but protecting your baby from the elements it's important. Let our 5in1 Multi Covers do that, while you get that much needed fresh air.

Beautifully made of soft cotton, easy to use... this will be the best most versatile baby product you'll ever have!

FREE drawstring bag when you buy a 5in1 Multi Cover so you can bring them everywhere.

It is such a versatile product!

  • Capsule Cover / Baby Car Seat Cover

  • Nursing / Breastfeeding Cover

  • Trolley Cover

  • Buggy Cover

  • Infinity Scarf

  • It also makes a great playmat when out and about!

It fits most Capsules.

Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex


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