About us

The idea of Hear Me Roar was conceived in 2016, when my friend Mei & I (both first time mums at the time) realised that the range of baby products that included affordability, nice designs and quality, was quite limited in New Zealand.

My first born and Mei’s first born were both 6 weeks premature which meant that having baby products made of natural & breathable materials was a must. This journey also made us very conscious of every item around our tiny babies and gave us an eye for quality.

As we started going into coffee groups we realized that these were issues that all young mums faced, so Mei and I decided this was something we wanted to help with.

By 2017 we’d established our online store and stocked unique products which we believed helped to address a lot of those new Mum woes. 

Fast Forward to 2020 and the global pandemic of COVID-19. Many businesses needed to change tact as we did and we decided to shift our focus to working with other local businesses. Building a community and helping each other in such a challenging time.

We now stock a range of amazing New Zealand Brands, as well as other brands from around the world. Every product we stock we carefully choose thinking of our own children and the experiences we had with pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc... we’ve been there!

We love looking after every customer with dedication so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just a few clicks away via our chat icon at the bottom right or via email at hearmeroarkids@gmail.com


Mei & Maxie


 Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli

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