FAQs 5in1 Multi Covers | Capsule Covers

1. Are baby capsule covers safe?
Just as any other baby product, our 5in1 Multi Covers are perfectly safe when used responsibly. They are super easy to use, so no chance of making mistakes when setting it up.
These are some things you should have in mind when using your 5in1 Multi Cover:
    • Remove the cover when you are in the car
    • Never leave baby unattended when using your cover
    • Keep your cover away from heat sources
2. Are baby capsule covers worth it? 
You get 1x Capsule Cover / 5in1 Multi Cover for $33.99 and you'll be able to use it in at least 5 different ways, which means you get 5 products for 1. Needless to say!
This is what some of our customers have said:
"After purchasing myself the spring flower pattern capsule cover and being thrilled with the quality and versatility, I decided this would be a staple addition to add to future baby shower gifts. Lots of stretch. Well thought out packaging for storage (...) Worth every penny!"
"I received a capsule cover at our baby shower and use it every day. I now buy them for all my friends as we have found it soo useful!"
"These things are hands down the best thing to have when you have a baby - have used this as a pram and capsule cover, over the neck and over bubs in a front carrier, as wrap when I needed one and was out....the ideas are endless!!!"
3. Are baby capsule covers necessary?
We often hear our customers saying what a piece of mind our 5in1 Multi Covers give them, especially when they are out and about with their newborns.
There's nothing more nerve wrecking then seeing a stranger getting that bit too close to your cute baby when you go out for a coffee, or run to the supermarket.
Let's face it, we would all love to just keep baby safe of germs at home, but it is not the case, more so when you have other children you have to drop off to school etc.
This is what our customers have to say:
"Good quality fabric and has been amazing for this windy month keeping my bubs transition from warm car to outside a breeze"
"The best way to protect baby in windy Wellington, it stays on the capsule well in the wind and keeps toddlers away from the precious newborn during daycare pickup. I wish I’d bought it sooner!"
"This has been great for peace of mind during measles outbreak in Auckland with a newborn too young to immunize! Just stops people sticking their faces into the capsule and breathing all over the baby"
3. Can baby breathe under capsule cover?
Our 5in1 Multi Covers are light and very breathable. When used as a car seat cover, you are gonna find that there is a nice big opening at the top that allows great air flow for baby and also let's you peek on her easily when you need it.
4. Can you put baby capsule cover in washing machine?
Oh the amount of washing you have to do with a new baby! But don't worry, just add your 5in1 Multi Cover to your normal washing (with alike colors) and hung to dry. Easy!