Natural Healing Balm by Simply Kawakawa

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Natural Healing Balm by Simply Kawakawa

This Natural Healing Balm is a gentle salve for skin, especially dry irritated dermatitis and/or eczema.

Perfect to massage onto your infant or child after a bath, use as a Nappy Rash or Barrier Cream.

Heal and protect your skin with kawakawa- infused oil in a base of beeswax, free from chemicals, additives and unnecessary fillers. Our natural healing balm is excellent for all ages and skin types, especially sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Apply small amounts to affected areas as often as required, in a downwards motion.

Size: 30ml

Made in New Zealand

Ingredients: Kawakawa Infused oil, beeswax

Suitable for: infants, children and adults.

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