The Grapple

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This is the toy that makes every parent gasp “Where was this when my children were babies??”

Invented, as many baby products are, out of necessity and desperation, the Grapple by Jellystone suctions to any smooth surface and provides an anchor to which a child’s favourite toys can be attached.  As their toys are always within reach and kept off the floor, baby can play happily as their parents enjoy a meal without constantly retrieving thrown toys from around the floor - genius!

The Grapple is the perfect unique gift for new parents, who will be so thankful for its assistance as their baby grows!  It features simple to use silicone tethers for attaching favourite toys and teethers and these are designed to release from the core with light force, ensuring they are safe for baby play.  Tethers can be easily reattached by pushing the open ring back onto the core. The Grapple can also be conveniently clipped to the baby bag to ensure it is never left behind.

Evaluated by an independent safety lab, the Grapple meets the safety standards of the CPSIA and ASTM.

The Grapple is created by Boingy LLC and Jellystone Designs is proud to bring this ingenious parenting saviour to Australia.

Care Instructions:

Keep your Grapple clean by simply washing with warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.  For best performance, wipe the suction cup clean before each use and make sure the surface you are attaching it to is smooth and clean.

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